One of Apple’s autonomous cars, which are currently driving around Sunnyvale, California and other nearby Silicon Valley cities, got into its very first crash one week ago, according to a report filed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Like many self-driving car crashes, this one was not the software’s fault.

The Apple car, a modified Lexus RX450h SUV carrying special equipment and sensors, was traveling at just 1 mph while preparing to merge onto the Lawrence Expressway in Sunnyvale when a Nissan Leaf rear-ended it going around 15 mph. Apple’s Lexus and the Leaf sustained damage, but neither car’s passengers received any injuries, the report states.

This isn’t indicative of Apple’s progress on self-driving cars in any way really, as most self-driving accidents tend to be caused by human error. Although it is interesting that so many companies operating autonomous vehicles in pilot tests report crashes that involve being rear-ended. A report last year from Consumer Affairs said that most self-driving car crashes involve a human driver slamming into the back of a stationary or slow-moving autonomous vehicle.