Despite the popularity of Apple’s iPhones – and products in general – and its unique ability to retain customers, its smartphone tech isn’t a cut above the competition like it has been in years past.

Every smartphone manufacturer has its own USP, but Google’s Pixel range has comfortably overtaken Apple in both the camera and AI abilities. The premium customers pay for Apple products is becoming harder to justify, especially when you consider how brazenly OnePlus is dragging prices down.

The upcoming iPhone XR2 will likely be as popular as its predecessor (the iPhone XR wildly outsold all other iPhones last year), but what can Apple do to improve the device technically and stave off impressive competition?

Bundling the best

I’m not sure Apple will ever compete on price, even with the XR range. It’s just not how the company does business, nor does it need to (despite the introduction of the ‘budget’ range). Google’s Pixel 3A XL starts at $479, whereas the cheapest XR sells for $749. It’s a stark difference. Combined with trade-in deals, you could pick up the 3A XL for under $200.

But Apple does have one thing over Google: a popular – and functioning – wireless headphone range. The AirPods have been the success story that Google dreamed about with its Pixel Buds. Given how well the AirPods sell, I’m not sure if Apple would bundle them in with an iPhone XR 2, but it should.

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