Sen. Bernie Sanders is leading the 2020 pack while former Mayor Michael Bloomberg has surged to third, a national poll by Quinnipiac showed Monday.

By the numbers: Quinnipac found Sanders with 25%, former Vice President Joe Biden with 17%, Bloomberg with 15%, Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 14%, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg with 10% and Sen. Amy Klobuchar with 4%. No other candidate polled above 2%.

Why it matters: Sanders is set to come in a narrow second in Iowa behind Buttigieg, assuming pending recanvasses don’t change results. But the senator is heading into New Hampshire Tuesday with strong polling, and he is a leading contender in next week’s Nevada caucuses.

But Bloomberg remains a looming wild card for the Democrats. He’s opted to ditch campaigning in the early states, instead fighting for wins on Super Tuesday and beyond.

Between the lines: Biden is collapsing among black voters, and Bloomberg gained most of the difference.

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