One of Facebook’s most notable successes over the past decade and a half is the way in which it has so completely upended how we see privacy, teaching an entire planet that privacy is an outdated concept of no relevance to our modern age. Today a quarter of the earth’s population hands their most intimate details over in realtime to a private company to commercialize. Most importantly, those two billion users no longer care when that company shares their data with myriad companies all over the world to misuse or when it loses their data through breach after breach after breach after breach. It seems that like privacy, Facebook has taught the world to no longer care about cybersecurity.

As Facebook acknowledged its latest security breach this week, this time affecting up to a quarter of its users and stretching back for half of the company’s existence, the company reminded us that all of its promises to do better after past breaches were merely empty words. Despite employing a literal private army to protect its own privacy and safety, the company appears to care little about the privacy or safety of its two billion users.

However, what makes the Facebook story so intriguing is the fact that despite a never-ending string of breach after breach after breach after breach, we don’t leave.

In fact, not only are users not leaving Facebook, but the platform is actually growing and reporting record profits after a year of almost weekly stories involving its ability to secure the private data of its users.

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