The Instant Pot Max cooks faster thanks to higher pressure. It also sports slick touchscreen controls.

The newest Instant Pot promises to cook food faster and give you more options than other models of the popular electric pressure cooker.

The Instant Pot Max was on display Saturday at the International Home and Housewares Show here in Chicago. It’s a 6-quart (5.6-liter) electric pressure cooker that can crank up its pressure to a full 15 psi (pound per square inch), an ability once reserved to stovetop pressure cookers. (Other Instant Pot models have a 12 psi maximum.) The higher pressure means that the Instant Pot Max should cook ingredients up to 15 percent faster than the company’s quickest appliances do today. The higher pressure will also let you use the Instant Pot Max for home canning, the company said.

Instant Pot reps said the Max will be able to hold its pressure at a high level continually, as opposed to other available electric models, whose levels are prone to fluctuate.

The Instant Pot Max’s other enhancements include a slick touchscreen display, updated controls with backlit LED labels and a central control dial you can use to navigate through the Max’s menu options.

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