If you pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 9, you probably got some freebies to go with it if you got it directly from Samsung. But now that pre-ordering is over and we have the start of the regular ordering process, you might be thinking twice about the $999 price. And so Samsung is bringing you even more deals to sweeten the pot, giving you a free Duo wireless charger and an official Note 9 cover for purchases made on their online store.

Flagship devices are of course expected to be more expensive than most, but the price tag can still sometimes be a bit too much. Samsung is hoping that adding some more free things will be enough to convince people to still shell out, particularly for the almost 1k you need to get their latest phablet. You will get their Duo wireless charger which is normally priced at $120. You also get to choose which of the official Note 9 covers you want, and the LED one in particular costs around $65.

If you’re willing to add $99 more, you can get those two plus the IconX truly wireless earphones, in case the wired earphones that come with the Note 9 is not to your liking. The IconX normally costs $200, so that’s like getting it at 50% off plus with other freebies as well. All in all, you’re saving almost $300 on accessories if you go for the additional $99 deal.