Sony is ramping up its efforts to boost smartphone sales by giving away a free PlayStation 4 with Xperia XZ2 or XZ2 Compact preorders.

Customers will get a choice between a PSVR or PlayStation 4 and a copy of Gran Turismo Sport for no additional cost, according to Sony. A year’s subscription to PlayStation Plus will also be bundled in with all preorders, regardless of what device is chosen.

Released at MWC this year, Sony’s XZ2 has undergone a significant design change from previous Xperia devices in an attempt to compete with serious competition from Apple, Google and Samsung.

Alongside touting the XZ2’s slow motion capabilities, removal of the headphone jack, beefed up specs and total redesign – and now a free PlayStation 4 – Sony clearly still harbors some hope for its smartphone business.

Competition is fierce in the Android world, with Samsung taking the biggest chunk of market share. Elsewhere smaller Chinese brands operate on the fringes – diluting the market and working with tiny margins. Sony mobile division has cut costs in recent years to stay afloat, but competition remains fierce and sales are declining.

Offering a free PS4 seems like a bold move by the Japanese tech giant, but it’s worth remembering that this is a PlayStation 4, not a PlayStation 4 Pro and there have been rumors of Sony launching its next console very soon (always take these with a pinch of salt). So shifting out older inventory whilst potentially boosting mobile sales makes sense.

Those who do take up the offer will likely enjoy the Xperia’s remote gaming capability – otherwise known as “Remote Play” which has been a staple USP of Xperia devices for some time now. It’s actually one of the few genuine, well executed, reasons to buy a Sony phone over anything else.

It’s unlikely that this giveaway is going to change Sony’s fortunes when it comes to mobile sales, or make a dent in Apple and Samsung’s dominance. But it might help shift some old PlayStation stock and add an extra zero to shipped handsets.