Upgrading lightbulbs is one of the easiest, straightforward ways consumers can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. And yet the president of the United States is determined to do everything in his power to ensure our individual emissions remain as high as they can possibly be. And that means finishing his war on lightbulbs.

The Department of Energy announced Friday a final determination to keep standards for incandescent lightbulbs as is because this is the world we live in now. Who cares that they emit more heat than light or die quicker than more modern bulbs like LEDs?! Who cares that they’ll help you save money on your energy bill?! Who cares that they’ll help make buildings more energy-efficient in the long run?! Who the hell cares!?

This is the mentality of Donald Trump, who has ranted that LED lightbulbs make his skin look orange. The dude always looks orange. This is the orangest man who has ever lived. But OK, sure. Whatever.

The Department of Energy announced it rollback noting that the now rolled back lightbulb rule would’ve driven up the price of incandescent bulb more than 300 percent. Which yes, the rule would’ve forced incandescent bulb makers to innovate while trying to lower costs. That’s how good regulations ensure the market works. Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette in a statement accompanying the rules change that “[i]nnovation and technology are already driving progress.” The rolled back rule would’ve sped along that innovation but OK, sure. Whatever.

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