Facebook employees react to the latest scandals: ‘Why does our company suck at having a moral compass’

Facebook is battling yet another crisis after a bombshell report on how leadership reacted to previous scandals.

Employees at the California tech giant are reacting with a mixture of frustration with senior executives and distrust of the media.

One current employee dismissed the report, telling colleagues reporters have an “economic incentive to slander us.”

Others were critical of Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg’s leadership.

Facebook employees are reacting with frustration and conflicting emotions amid withering criticism of its business practices: A feeling of being under siege by a hostile media has united many employees at the beleaguered social network, even as dismay towards the company’s own leadership is growing.

On Wednesday, The New York Times published a bombshell investigation into how senior leadership at Facebook tried to downplay and deflect mounting crises, while smearing critics in ways that have been accused of fueling anti-Semitism.

It’s the latest in a long line of scandals for Facebook — from Cambridge Analytica to its spread of hate speech amid genocide in Myanmar — and employees are now looking for avenues to quietly vent.

One current employee told Business Insider that some workers view The New York Times’ reporting as a “hit piece” intended to make Facebook look bad — and are arguing as much on Workplace, Facebook’s internal-communications platform.

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