A few decades ago, many people got their news from their daily newspaper, but the stories were often a day old by the time they hit your doorstep. Then online news came along, which was faster and more current, but you still have to search through a sea of stories to find what you’re looking for.

Now Google is offering audio news through Google Assistant. It’s called Your News Update. By saying, “Hey Google, play me the news,” on any phone or speaker with Assistant enabled, you can hear the top news stories of the day, but also stories tailored to your interests.

It’s available today by updating settings on Assistant.

Google’s hypothetical user is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan who now lives in Chicago and follows the stock market. Their audio news feed might include an analysis of the Steeler’s game, stock market update, stories on the upgrades to the Chicago transit system along with the latest national headlines. The longer you listen you more long-form content and in-depth coverage you hear.

For now, it’s available in the United States and in English only and will be launched in other countries next year. News partners include The Associated Press, major newspapers and broadcast networks, and news websites.

The ‘Google Assistant’ app on an LG G6 smartphone. Photo by Andrej Sokolow.

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