Earlier this week, I wrote a piece about why I won’t switch from the iPhone to Android anytime soon. In fact, the odds are fairly good that I’ll never switch from iOS to Google’s mobile platform, even down the road in the future. When I discuss this topic on the site, I typically point to a few main reasons for my decision. As an iPhone user since the very first model was released in 2007, I’m definitely locked into Apple’s ecosystem. But the fact of the matter is that I enjoy Apple’s ecosystem and its products. The overall quality of the iOS user experience is vastly smoother and more refined than Android, even when considering the current messy state of iOS 11. Apple’s mobile and desktop platforms also feature much more streamlined integration than Google’s Android and Chrome OS platforms. Google is still where I turn for most of my services, and I still dream of a day when Google has completely taken over my iPhone. But Apple’s hardware is just too good, and its platforms and user experiences are just too clean to abandon.

In the piece I wrote this week, I covered another reason I stay away from Android and stick with the iPhone. Android fans often complain about Apple’s “walled garden” that restricts third-party apps from accessing many core OS functions and therefore offering many features seen as crucial to the Android experience. Of course, those same policies prevent things like this scary new mega, monster, mutant Android malware from being possible on iOS devices. Now, on Wednesday morning, two new stories popped up that cover even more reasons I stick with the iPhone and won’t ever jump ship to Android.

Google I/O 2018 kicked off on Tuesday and Google held its big keynote yesterday at 10:00 AM. The company covered a ton of interesting new features coming to Android, including a few things that are nothing short of mind-blowing. Of course, the beauty of Google is that it’s a software company first, so most of the biggest things covered during Google I/O 2018 will be made available on iOS devices as well, like whatever end user services are born of Google Duplex, which was easily the most impressive thing Google showed off on Tuesday.

While the web rightfully continues to buzz about Google and its announcements from the event, two things are happening over on the Apple side of the fence that serve as fresh reminders of yet another way Apple’s platforms offer key benefits over Android.